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Dienstag, 15. September 2009

No. 138 - arriving mail art from Takako Saito (Germany)

No. 138 - arriving mail art from Takako Saito (Germany) - as far as I asked Takako personally to be a participant to my call she sent me this conceptual fluxus drawing. Well there is not really a Bismarck portrait on it yet, but it is a drawing of a flowerpot on which is writen "what ever you will put inside the pot, it will become a portrait by Takako". Backsides she wrote that I should hang this drawing to the exhibition and put some colour near to it so that every visitor can complete a copy of this drawing with a (Bismarck) Portrait or whatever. I think this is a nice and real fluxus idea to involve as well the visitors to the project. It made me think a lot about whether to accept this mail art for the project or not, but as far as her work is often open-ended and gives room to play with the audience, I think it will fit well. Is is a bit complex of course but I accept this conceptual mail art for my project for this reason and to give room for interpretations and because it may become interesting during the future exhibition. Maybe there are already some artist who will refer to this fluxus drawing yet. Thank you very much.
see the wikipedia article of this famous fluxus artist: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takako_Saito

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