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Freitag, 21. Juli 2017

... New Mail Art show with the Mail Art Collection "Post für Otto" ...

After the show "Post für Otto" 2011 in the Museum Obere Saline where the collection have been exhibited in total, and after the portrait show "Otto 200" in 2015 with 200 portraits of Otto von Bismarck in the Orangery of the Museum in occasion of his 200th birthday, now a third exhibition will take place in the Castle at Aschach. see the homepage: https://www.museen-schloss-aschach.de

Here some first but not final images during the installation which will be opened the 25th of July 2017. The exhibition will be opened now till the 10th of september.
opening hours. Thues - Saturday only within guided tours at 14.15 / 15.15 and 16.00 and Sunday
from 11 - 17.00 without tours on your own - maybe the best time to see the collection is on sunday. The castle is in restoration at the moment that's why they have only these openings. Let me know when you want to come along ... see you there ...

here the info in the booklet "Kunst geht fremd"
only in german, 14 museums in the region are changing interessting 
objects and give them to other museums as loan for a while.