... video by Balu d'Art ...

Samstag, 30. April 2011

... two artomat boxes from Peter Backes (Germany)

Two artomat boxes from Peter Backes (Germany) - Peter has used big sized boxes, unfortunately they do not fit to the artomat - too big! - so I suppose I have to change the boxes? But they are secretly closed, locked. Thank you.

Freitag, 29. April 2011

... four more boxes for the artomat ...

No. 870 - arriving postal experiment

this postcard without any vaild postage stamp has been thrown twice into the mailbox, first it came without any stamp on it, the second time two of them and the notice for postal due, but I havn't paid for it.

No. 869 - arriving mail art from Hein W. Lotz (Germany)

No. 869 - arriving mail art from Hein W. Lotz (Germany) - Heinz told me he wants to participate in the artomat project (see below) with this Bismarck like postcard. Thank you very much.

To Heinz: You can recycle your own cigarette boxes if you like, it is up to you, less work for me.

... the first 4 artomat objects ...

these are the first 4 submissions - little Bismarck collages - which I will put inside the artomat and they will be stuffed in recycling boxes like this.

Sonntag, 24. April 2011

... a new furniture for the exhibition has been found ...

Finally I found one of these old cigarette machine (here one from the 1970ies) which will be integrated in the mail art exhibition as an ARTOMAT. I will pick them on thuesday and hopefully it will work fine. I hope I can find some artists who will participate in this interactive project, you can send your multiples in (at least 10) for this ARTOMAT, it must be fit inside a cigarette box. (size ca. 86 x 55 x 22 mm) - your art work can be related to Bismarck (this would be fine) but not necessarily. Each multiple should be signed and addressed, so maybe the buyer could get in contact with you. Each participant of this ARTOMAT project will get a free copy of the mail art catalogue which will be published in May. Yes, I finally got the fundraising for it - that's the good news for easter. Please get in contact with me, if you are interested.

... postal experiment ...

this collage will go out without any valid postage stamp to see whether it will arrive