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Samstag, 9. Juli 2011

No. 905 - arriving mail art from Luis Filipe Gomes (Portugal)

No. 905 - arriving mail art from Luis Filipe Gomes (Portugal) - this is infact an outstanding sending, it came as registred letter, but already opened, I hope nothing is missing. Inside a wonderful artistbook full of creativity, lovely sketches, drawings, collages, historical wisdom about Portugal and his culture, statements and influences of Luis. And lots about Bismarck too as you can see her, other pages you can see on my other blog. The booklet has about 200 pages !!! each of them an artwork on its own. I can not post all of them, you have to see the booklet in your own hand and it will simply kick you out. Thank you for this very special and flabbergasting mail art.
see his page: http://lfg6.tripod.com/


Luis Filipe Gomes hat gesagt…

I’m glad you like it. I’ve send also a matchbox with your idea “Give fire a chance” but I think Portuguese Mail Company didn’t aloud that kind of substance eventually dangerous, that’s why it was opened.
I’ve tried to think in Otto von Bismarck as a theme for reflection in our contemporary world. I’ve tried to understand the connections with Portugal.

Roland Halbritter hat gesagt…

Hello Luis, so nothing seemes to be missing inside, yes the matches were also there, thanks again for this superbe artistbook.