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Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

... critic visitor today ...

here a critic to the mail art exhibition which says more or less:

"all rubbish, all dirt,

bomb it away.

it is boring and many objects

have nothing to do with Bismarck,

all this paper snips I can do by myself

a female visitor"

o.k. this is her cowardly opinion, she did not wrote her name, so I was forced to write "coward" underneath. Interesting to mention also: the museum opened at 14 o'clock, I came along about 14.20 and nobody has been in the museum so she must have been left already, she went to the museum for a maximum of 20 minutes to look around, not only for the exhibition, but she got time to write these lousy sentence inside the guestbook, no more to say,. anyway she could have do sniping, right at the table where this guestbook is laying there a pencils and the Takako pot to modify, but she does not...

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Always sad to see the waste of energy on hate and ignorance. These people bitter their life by themselves.