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Freitag, 30. April 2010

... interaction and preview of the Mail Art Collection on Bismarck ...

From 7th of May till the end of June 2010 there will be a kind of preview of the Mail Art Collection in an exhibition in Weimar - called Bazonnale (see image of the flyer above) - there will be a show on the theme "Lust" and I will make an installation for this purpose collaging a big sized word "Lust" (approximately 1.5 x 5 meters) with your mail art sendings. Some of your works will be shown there - I did not have the space to show all - but next year in Oct. there will be all shown in the Bismarck Museum. As soon as I have finished the letters I will show it here in my blog. Just few days of work, be a little patient.

This mail art is how I have sent in contract for the organisation.
see the page of Bazonnale: http://www.bazonnale.de/

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